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  • A customized, user-friendly and powerful version of Firefox for x64 systems that allows you to quickly load all your favorite websites

    Whats new in version 52.2.1:

    • New: Option under tab options for newtab page search now can easily be toggled on|off via a checkbox. FAQ Article
    • New: Option under tab options for disable thumbnail capturing on newtab page. FAQ Article
    • New: Option under cyberfox features for show preference in tab, Now you can view the browser options in a window or tab. FAQ Article
    • New: Option under cyberfox features for restart browser, Clear fast restart cache this will clear any cached browser files and addon files that are created to help the browser start-up faster after a restart. FAQ Article
    • New: Old style download manager now has search function to search your downloaded files history.
    • New: New optional toolbar buttons for clone current tab and clone in new window.
    • Fixed: Restored removed code for browser.tabs.closeButtons and its default functionality. Thread Post
    • Fixed: Issue in old style download manager (Copy download link) context menu item, Now works correctly.
    • Fixed: [Devtools] User-agent Override Missing ampersand ...

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